Environmental responsibility and sustainability are the heart of the Enviromail brand and of Webmart’s goals. We hate greenwashing and seek to provide real environmental preservation and positive change for ourselves, our suppliers, and our customers.

To ensure this, the integrity of our carbon calculations and the schemes we use to offset this carbon is crucial.

Which is why we follow carbon footprint calculations set down by Integraf, the European print and digital communications federation, and adhere to the BSI’s PAS2060 standards which ensure an organisation’s carbon claims are credible and verified.

Our calculators were created with CarbonQuota ensuring unbiased and accurate calculations’

As well as offsetting your carbon footprint through certified schemes for free, we’re committed to reforesting our 166-acre Oxygen Farm, creating a biodiverse habitat right here in the UK.

We love working with customers and suppliers in partnership to improve our impact on the environment together.

Which causes and carbon offsetting schemes does Enviromail support?

Project 1: Afforestation in Nicaragua, Central America.


Target: Saving 37,000 tonnes CO2 per year.


This project not only protects 1,000 hectares (10 KM2) of existing forest but reforests a degraded landscape with native bamboo. This has the advantage of quickly sequestering carbon, improving degraded areas for wildlife and offering local people a sustainable source of fibres and building materials (among several other benefits – click below for more information).

Project 2: Wind energy projects replacing use of fossil fuels in Salodi, India.


Target: Saving 33,900 tonnes CO2 per year.


This project consists of 37 wind turbines creating 29.6MW of power that would otherwise have been generated using fossil fuels. It also contributes to a more stable power grid which helps attract businesses and employment to the area.

Project 3: Clean cook stoves project, reducing the amount of wood burnt and pollution in Rwanda, Africa.


Target: Saving 10,000 tonnes CO2 per year.


This project is situated in the largest and most biodiverse mountain rainforest on the Eastern side of Africa. Population pressures on the area mean an increased need for wood, so the introduction of more efficient and less polluting cookstoves, which can reduce the amount of wood burnt by two thirds, is an important way to minimise the impact on the forest and ensure less carbon is released into the atmosphere.

These projects are directly supported by trading with Enviromail and are in addition to the charitable projects undertaken by Webmart. More information on our wider charitable giving or to apply for a donation, please visit the Webmart Charity page.

How do I get started?

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